Great Options for Financial Transactions Regarding the Factoring Invoice

The billing management is very important for a company as part of its trade with its customers. The invoice makes it possible in particular to materialize the financial transaction related to the sale or the service delivered, and it constitutes a voucher in accounting and taxation.

The rules to be respected regarding invoicing

  • Billing organization
  • Use of software to manage billing

How to manage the billing of the company?

What are the rules to follow to manage billing?

Billing management is governed by the law at several levels, particularly in terms of billing obligation, invoice delivery date, billing support, software (from 2018), mentions mandatory to indicate on invoices and retention of invoices.

  • The billing obligation on companies
  • First, professionals have a billing obligation. Invoicing is mandatory:
  • for any purchase of products or any services provided for professional needs,
  • for distance sales,
  • for public deliveries of second-hand goods, works of art, collectibles or antiques,
  • For services provided to private individuals whose tax amount is at least 25 euros, or if individuals ask for an invoice.
  • For sales issued to individuals who request an invoice.

If necessary, you have the option to subcontract your billing by mandating another person to establish them on your behalf and for your account.

The date of billing

Regarding the date on which the invoice must be established, here are the applicable rules:

For sales: the invoice is in principle established upon acceptance of the order or upon delivery if it occurs later. The factoring invoices are important in this case. The companies are there for the same.

For services: the invoice is in principle established the day the service is completed.

  • Invoices must be prepared in at least two copies, with one copy given to the customer and another copy kept by the company.
  • For more information: the date of delivery of invoices to customers.
  • The media to use for billing
  • Invoices can be in paper or electronic format. The tax administration tolerates the use of electronic invoicing provided that one of the following methods is used:
  • using the electronic signature,
  • using electronic data interchange to upload bills

In addition, the tax administration admits that an invoice drawn up in paper form and then digitized, sent and received electronically is considered to be an electronic invoice. An electronic signature must secure the digitized invoice. The original invoice (in paper format) must however be kept.

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