How can you safely send parcels abroad? Using the Load Boards

The concern about the goods will only increase if you send worldwide. Packages stop on the way several times, travel by land, sea, air or rail and are processed at different locations. This increases the chance of damage in comparison with shipments within the country.

How can you ensure that your shipment arrives in a different country in the state as you wish: undamaged and perfect also if it is Load boards free! Follow our packaging guidelines to deliver your valuable package in top condition abroad.

Smart packaging

If the package contentis secured as firmly as possible then it helps prevent damage and breakage. The ideal packaging is easy to open by your customer, but strong enough to protect your goods against damage.

First of all, you choose the best box for your package. It is best to choose a box that is slightly larger than the item you are sending abroad. Unnecessarily large boxes are not only a waste and cost more money to send, but the risk of dents also increases. If you put too many objects in a smaller box, it can tear and the contents are less protected.

If you send items to another country, a box with a sturdy double wall gives extra resistance during shipping. Depending on what you send, you can choose from a wide range of different sizes: from long and thin to wide and deep.

Fill in the empty spaces

If you send something abroad in a box or envelope, it must be able to withstand a collision during transport and delivery. Filling between your product and the packaging is therefore essential.

From soft to hard: there are a number of packaging materials that you can use to protect your products during a trip. Some are safer than others. The option you choose depends on the value, vulnerability and shape of the object you send.

Choose your right packaging material

Air bubble film is an excellent way to absorb shocks, protects very well and is easy to use again. However, it does not adapt to the shape of the object and therefore products can still move during transport. You can prevent this from sticking to the product with adhesive tape.

Stuffing chips are light, versatile and offer good protection. This product can be very messy and is difficult to store, reuse and throw away. There are more environmentally friendly options available: these filler chips are made from vegetable starch instead of polystyrene and 100% biodegradable.

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