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The Perfect Deals with the Rehab Options

Of course, not the last role in the treatment of drug addiction is assigned to the therapist. It is valuable to conduct systematic sessions of psychotherapy, without it, treatment of such a group of problems is ineffective, and sometimes impossible.

With individual or group therapy in the treatment of drug addiction use:

  • suggestive therapy;
  • hypnotherapy;
  • Neuro-linguistic programming;
  • behavioral therapy;
  • emotional-stress therapy.

Among all these options at the peak of popularity is the technique of suggestive therapy, the authorship of which belongs to a number of experts. It is based on the introduction of trance, while using therapeutic metaphors and some psychological techniques that ensure the presence of the therapist next to the patient and full feedback. With the types of drug rehab the solutions are easy to reach.

  • Given the identical principles, the methodology of neurolinguistic programming operates. NLP is considered a special type of impact, when the main principle is based on ensuring a person’s access to hidden abilities.
  • The patient tries to extract resources from the subconscious in order to learn how to use them on a conscious level. Thanks to this technique, there is a chance to program yourself with the word, and then, if necessary, change the program.
  • In the local narcology colossal popularity received the method of encoding. The technique assumes a division into groups of the narcological profile, and the main principle of influence provides for classical suggestive therapy, which is combined with indirect suggestion.

Therapy against relapse with a long recovery process is perfectly combined with behavioral therapy, based on the principles of the theory of learning. They assume that different types of behavior and the accompanying signs appear as a consequence of a normal human response to external conditions.

In addition, we can distinguish:

1) Socio-psychological training, in particular:

  • psychosynthesis;
  • psychoanalysis;
  • cognitive psychotherapy;
  • positive psychotherapy.

2) Various types of group therapy:

  • general trainings and meetings;
  • psychodrama;
  • Gestalt therapy;
  • transaction analysis;
  • behavioral psychotherapy.

The primary task of such activities at the 2nd stage of drug treatment is designed to change the attitude of a person to taking narcotic compounds, to overcome personal uncertainty about the possibility of normal being without drugs. This is really important for those who have unsuccessful experience of treatment, was in the dispensary, other narcological hospitals.

Full rehabilitation and adaptation in society

The main task at this stage, of course, is a complete reboot. In a kind there is a rehabilitation and social adaptation of the former addict, acceptance of a new life in which there is no place to the forbidden structures. This is real, if you completely refuse to accept any kinds of drugs, because the pathological attraction is eliminated, there is a chance to quickly join in and enjoy normal life.

Rehabilitation of drug addicts implies their involvement in the educational process, either interesting labor, social activities, the conduct of a completely sober lifestyle, the revision of personal values, the distribution of priorities, the elimination of conflicts in the family and the society as a whole.

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